Wednesday 11th December

Time Session At Fundación Gómez Pardo Session In different rooms at ETSIME
09:00 Iberlegal
NLP for Legal Domain in Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque and Portuguese. (partially held in Spanish language)
Workshops, Tutorials, Doctoral Consortium (I)
Doctoral Consortium ◆ GDPR ◆ XAILA (EXplainable AI in Law) ◆ CEILI (Legal Data Analysis) ◆ MIREL (MIning and REasoning with Legal texts) ◆ TERECOM (Regulatory Compliance) ◆ Tutorial (Defeasible Logic for Normative Reasoning)
Lunch 🍽️ At Patio de Columnas (ETSIME)
14:00 JURIX Industry Session
Research meets practice.
Workshops, Tutorials, Doctoral Consortium (II)
Doctoral Consortium ◆ GDPR ◆ XAILA (EXplainable AI in Law) ◆ CEILI (Legal Data Analysis) ◆ MIREL (MIning and REasoning with Legal texts) ◆ TERECOM (Regulatory Compliance) ◆ Tutorial (Defeasible Logic for Normative Reasoning)
Welcome cocktail 🍹 At Patio de Columnas (ETSIME)

Thursday 12th December

Time Title Speakers
09:00 Welcome Speech ⭐ Asunción Gómez-Pérez
09:15 Opening Remarks by Program Chair and Local Organiser Chairs PC: Michał Araszkiewicz
LOC: Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel and Elena Montiel-Ponsoda
Session 1
09:30 Deep Learning for Detecting and Explaining Unfairness in Consumer Contracts F. Lagioia, F. Ruggeri, K. Drazewski, M. Lippi, H. Micklitz, P. Torroni and G. Sartor
09:55 Computer-Assisted Creation of Boolean Search Rules for Text Classification in the Legal Domai H. Westermann, J. Šavelka, V. R. Walker, K. D. Ashley and K. Benyekhlef
10:20 Similarity and Relevance of Court Decisions: a Computational Study on CJEU Cases K. Moodley, P. Hernandez Serrano, G. van Dijck and M. Dumontier
10:45 Legal Text Generation from Abstract Meaning Representation S. Trong Vu, M. Le Nguyen and K. Satoh
Coffee break ☕ At Patio de Columnas (ETSIME)
Session 2
11:30 A Comparison of Two Hybrid Methods for Analyzing Evidential Reasoning L. van Leeuwen and B. Verheij
11:55 Defeasible systems in legal reasoning: a comparative assessment R. Calegari, G. Contissa, F. Lagioia, A. Omicini and G. Sartor.
12:10 A Dialogical Model of Case Law Dynamics T. Bench-Capon and J. Henderson.
12:25 On the Formal Structure of Rules in Conflict of Laws R. Markovich
12:40 Deontic Closure and Conflict in Legal Reasoning G. Governatori and R. Mullins
Lunch 🍽️ (demos available) At Patio de Columnas (ETSIME)
14:00 Improving the Processing of Question Answer Based Legal Documents S. Chakravarty, M. Mehrotra, R. V. S. P. Chava, H. Liu, M. Krivanksy and E. A. Fox
14:25 Weakly Supervised One-shot Classification using Recurrent Neural Networks with Attention: Application to Claim Acceptance Detection Ch. Condevaux, S. Harispe, S. Mussard and G. Zambrano
15:00 Invited talk ⭐ Danièle Bourcier
Coffee break ☕ At Patio de Columnas (ETSIME)
Session 3
16:30 Renvoi in Private International Law: a Formalization with Modal Contexts (slides) M. Baldoni, L. Giordano and K. Satoh
16:45 A computational model of pragmatic oddity G. Governatori and A. Rotolo
17:00 Towards a Computational Theory of Action, Causation and Power for Normative Reasoning G. Sileno, A. Boer and T. Van Engers
17:15 ANOPPI: A Pseudonymization Service for Finnish Court Documents (demo) A. Oksanen, M. Tamper, J. Tuominen, A. Hietanen and E. Hyvönen
Dinner 🍽️ at Posada de la Villa (map)

Friday 13th December

Time Title Speakers
Registration 🏷️
Session 1
09:00 Governmental Transparency in the Artificial Intelligence Era T. van Engers and D. de Vries
09:25 Best Doctoral Consortium Paper 🎓 - PatentTransformer: A Framework for Personalized Patent Claim Generation Jieh-Sheng Lee
09:40 Legal Compliance in a Linked Open Data Framework E. Francesconi and G. Governatori
09:55 Comparing Alternative Factor- and Precedent-based Accounts of Precedential Constraint H. Prakken
10:20 Legislative Dialogues with Incomplete Information A. Rotolo and G. Governatori
10:45 Realising ANGELIC Designs Using Logiak K. Atkinson, T. Bench-Capon, T. Routen, A. Z. Sánchez, S. Whittle, R. Williams and C. Wolfenden
Coffee break ☕ At Patio de Columnas (ETSIME)
Session 2
11:30 Identification of Rhetorical Roles of Sentences in Indian Legal Judgments (slides) P. Bhattacharya, S. Paul, K. Ghosh, S. Ghosh and A. Wyner
11:55 Neural network based Rhetorical status classification for Japanese judgement documents H. Yamada, S. Teufel and T. Tokunaga
12:20 Verifying the meaning equivalence in bilingual international treaties Linyuan Tang and K. Kageura
12:45 Application of character-level language models in the domain of Polish statutory law A. Smywiński-Pohl, K. Wróbel, K. Lasocki and M. Jungiewicz
Lunch 🍽️At Patio de Columnas (ETSIME)
14:00 Invited talk ⭐ Francesca Toni
Session 3
15:00 PrOnto Ontology Refinement through Open Knowledge Extraction M. Palmirani, G. Bincoletto, V. Leone, S. Sapienza and F. Sovrano
15:15 On Constructing a Knowledge Base of Chinese Criminal Cases X. Wu, A. Gupta, B. Liebman, R. Stern and M. Roberts
15:30 Combining Textual and Visual Information for Typed and Handwritten Text Separation in Legal Documents A. Torrisi, R. Bevan, K. Atkinson, D. Bollegala and F. Coenen
15:45 Frequent use cases extraction from legal texts in the data protection domain V. Leone and L. di Caro
Coffee break ☕ At Auditorium (ETSIME)
Session 4
16:30 Legal Search in Case Law and Statute Law J. Rossi and E. Kanoulas
16:55 ERST: Leveraging Topic Features for Context-Aware Legal Reference Linking S. Wehnert, G. Campero Durand and G. Saake
17:20 The NAI Suite - Drafting and Reasoning over Legal Texts (demo) T. Libal and A. Steen
17:30 TFacts2Law – using deep learning to provide a legal qualification to a set of facts (demo) I. Mokanov
Closing of the conference


Asunción Gómez-Pérez (Welcome Speech)

Asunción Gómez-Pérez is Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation and Doctoral Studies and Full Professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences. She is also the Director of the Ontology Engineering Group (OEG) since 1995 at the same University.

Francesca Toni (Invited Speech: Interactive Explanations via Argumentation)

Francesca Toni is Professor in Computational Logic and Deputy Head in the Department of Computing, Imperial College London, UK, and the founder and leader of the CLArg (Computational Logic and Argumentation) research group. Her research interests lie within the broad area of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in AI and Explainable AI, and in particular include Argumentation, Argument Mining, Logic-Based Multi-Agent Systems, Logic Programming for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Non-monotonic/Default/Defeasible Reasoning. She graduated, summa cum laude, in Computing at the University of Pisa, Italy, in 1990, and received her PhD in Computing in 1995, from Imperial College London. She has coordinated two EU projects, received funding from EPSRC and the EU, and awarded a Senior Research Fellowship from The Royal Academy of Engineering and the Leverhulme Trust. She is currently Technical Director of the ROAD2H EPSRC-funded project and co-Director for the Centres of Doctoral Training in Safe and Trusted AI and in AI for Healthcare.
She has co-chaired ICLP2015 (the 31st International Conference on Logic Programming), KR 2018 (the 16th Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning). She is a member of the steering committe of and KR, inc. and of AT (Agreement Technologies), corner editor on Argumentation for the Journal of Logic and Computation, and in the editorial board of the Argument and Computation journal and the AI journal.

Danièle Bourcier (Invited Speech on a topic related to AI opacity/transparency)

Danièle Bourcier is a French lawyer and essayist. She is director of research emeritus at CNRS and leads the "Law and Governance technologies" Department at the Centre for Administrative Science Research (CERSA) at the University Paris II.