Wed. 11th December 2019

Time Fundación Gómez Pardo (Auditorio) Room #3 ETSIME Salón de Actos ETSIME Room #24 ETSIME Room #27 ETSIME
09:00 IberLegal
NLP Legal Domain. Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Portuguese
MIREL 2019 (I)
9:30 Mining and Reasoning with Legal Texts
GDPR Compliance
Theories, Techniques, Tools
Workshop on Legal Data Analysis
The EXplainable AI in Law Workshop
14:00 Industry Session MIREL 2019 (II)
Mining and Reasoning with Legal Texts (until 16:45)
Doctoral Consortium
From 14:30 to 18:30. Program
Defeasible Logic for Normative Reasoning
Welcome reception
Doctoral Consortium

Doctoral Consortium sponsored by OASIS LegalXML

The Jurix 2019 Doctoral Consortium aims at promoting the exchange of ideas from PhD researchers in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Law, and at providing them an opportunity to interact and receive feedback from leading scholars and experts in the field.

A Best Paper of 2019 - Doctoral Consortium Award will be assigned to the most original, innovative and well presented research thanks to OASIS LegalXML Steering Committee support. More info...


4th International Workshop on MIning and REasoning with Legal texts

MIREL-2019 workshop aims at bridging the gap between the community working on legal ontologies and NLP parsers and the community working on reasoning methods and formal logic, in line with the objectives of the MIREL (MIning and REasoning with Legal texts) project (web).

The workshop aims at fostering the scientific discussion between approaches based on language technologies applied to the legal domain (representing legal knowledge) and those based on legal reasoning (using the legal knowledge to build specialized services and applications). More info...


3rd International Workshop on Technologies for Regulatory Compliance

The 3rd TeReCom workshop welcomes research in technologies for regulatory compliance, specially if using semantic resources or if applying Artificial Intelligence advances. This workshops is related to the H2020 Lynx project (web).

The LYNX project is based on a very simple idea: the critical mass of legal open data on the web has been reached and if duly collected, analysed and interlinked as a Legal Knowledge Graph, it will be ready to enable a new breed of multilingual services for compliance. Thus the areas of interest in this workshop are three: (a) theoretical foundations and the legal regulatory framwork towards compliance in Europe; (b) the semantic web technologies which support the legal knowledge graph and (c) language technologies used to bridge the idiomatic barrier that hampers the commerce of products and services in Europe. More info...


The EXplainable AI in Law Workshop

Humanized AI emphasizes transparency and explainability in AI systems. These perspectives have an important ethical dimension, that is most often analyzed by philosophers. However, in order for it to be fruitful for AI engineers, it has to be properly focused. The intersection of Law and AI that makes it possible, as it provides a conceptual framework for ethical concepts and values in AI systems.

A significant part of AI and Law research during the last two decades was devoted to operationalization of legal thinking with values. These results may now be reconsidered in a broader context, concerning the development of HAI systems and their social impact. It is a timely issue for the AI and Law community. More info...


5th Workshop on Legal Data Analysis

The LDA of the Central European Institute of Legal Informatics (CEILI) intends to focus on representation, analysis and reasoning with legal data in information systems from a lawyer’s and citizen’s perspective; trying to get support in mastering big data in law but also respecting privacy issues.

The pervasive use of information systems has led to tremendous success in enterprises and businesses. With a user-centric design, information systems (IS) have proven their value in today’s companies on several occasions. Most recent developments have unveiled unexpected possibilities in overcoming the retrieval constraints of access to legal knowledge. In law, the need arises for both legal databases as well as huge data volumes of cases. Market solutions are already available. More info...


GDPR Compliance - Theories, Techniques, Tools.

The notion of human-centred AI is a major EU policy theme, as evidenced by activities such as the High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence and its work on trustworthy AI at one end of the scale and the General Data Protection Regulation at another. Attitudes to privacy vary widely around the globe, from a strong individual orientation, through data as a business commodity, to state oversight of citizens. The complexity, and the far-reaching nature of GDPR across jurisdictions as well as the need, at least for EU-based actors, to be able to demonstrate compliance, raises a raft of technical questions for policy-makers and business processes that demand answers of legal knowledge systems. The purpose of this workshop is to bring researchers together to present approaches to tackling GDPR-related problems and to discuss selected challenges arising from GDPR. More info...